Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Mother's Day Present

I confess - I used to be one of those TV-Nazi moms. We had strict limits about what, when, and how much TV Angelgirl could view. I've loosened up quite a bit over the past month or so. I'm still pretty particular about what channels she can watch, but she has been given a lot more choice about watching TV. What does this have to do with Mother's Day?

Well, yesterday while I was getting ready to take Angelgirl on an outing, she decided to watch a little Dora. After the episode was over, she came running into the bathroom saying, "Mommy, I want to make you a Mother's Day present all by myself." I was surprised and touched. After all, we hadn't really talked about Mother's Day that much. I told her to wait just a second and I would help her get some supplies out. She ran off. (She pretty much runs everywhere these days.) I finished brushing my teeth and was putting my contacts in when I hear, "Help! I can't reach the crayons."

I come out of the bathroom to see Angelgirl climbing on top of the table to reach the crayons in the middle. She was being so independent that I just let her do her thing and went back to get dressed, all the while listening for any cries for help. About 10 minutes later, she came running to me with this picture:

"It's your Mother's Day present and I made it all by myself." Of course, being the overly emotional person I am, I started to cry. I was so touched because she had taken great pains to do it all herself. Now, my husband could have taken her to buy me a present, or she could have made one of those infernal "projects" at preschool, but neither would have meant half as much to me as this sweet, sweet gesture. This was all Angelgirl. She decided what she wanted to do, and she did it all on her own. Now I know that the suggestion probably came from Dora, but still . . . . How good to have a daughter who is genuinely sweet.

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