Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stop and Smell the Daffodils

There are so many things that I am enjoying now that I get to spend all day with Angelgirl. Of course, sleeping in is pretty high on the list, as is not having to rush her out the door in the morning. However, the thing I'm enjoying most is just watching her set her own agenda.

Most days, she wants to start off the day by making a list of things that we are going to do. We started doing this back during Spring Break when I was working on a huge project. I found that if I have to work, she handles it much better if it is on the list somewhere. Anyway, we make a list with pictures and checkboxes of things we are going to do. She loves being able to check things off the list.

I also love that she can do an activity until she is ready to do something else. Angelgirl is quite a bit like both her parents and can become completely absorbed in an activity. She can play with her Little People for hours - seriously - without getting bored or anything. In fact, she becomes quite irritated if we interrupt her game. I love watching and listening to her play when she is so completely immersed in her imaginary world.

I also love that we can take time to really observe the world around us. Angelgirl has taken a great interest in our daffodils that are blooming a little late. Everyday, she has to go and check on them and see how they are growing and which ones are blooming. I am so happy that she has the time to just observe nature in action. It brings me joy and reminds me that we should all slow down and smell the daffodils a little more often.

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