Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Identity

For the week two of the Artist's Way, Miss*R asks a great question:

What object represents your own sense of identity?

I've been mulling this over for several days. I don't know why this has been so hard for me. Perhaps it is because I feel like I've lost a bit of my identity over the past few years. I got a little lost for a while. As I slowly try to excavate my authentic self, I am constantly struggling to find my way from who I once was, who I have recently been, and who I really am to who I want to be.

Finally, this morning an object popped into my head that I feel comfortable saying represents my sense of identity:

A suitcase.
Always waiting for the next adventure.
The contents ever changing to suit the situation.
Sometimes knocked around a bit in the process.
Sometimes ending up in unexpected places.
Sometimes forgotten in the back of the closet,
but always ready to go.

I am a traveler. I love moving and traveling to new places. I always have. Having moved and traveled constantly for the first three and a half decades of my life, I'm not sure I know how to stay put. Traveling presents a unique opportunity for us to be honest and authentic in a way that is not possible when we are surrounded by people we know. Traveling provides the ultimate learning experience; through learning about other cultures and places, we learn so much about ourselves - our preconceptions, our prejudices, our values. It also requires no small degree of flexibility and creativity. Perhaps my lack of travel for the past few years has contributed to my "identity crisis" this week. I'm going to go dust off my suitcase and show her some love.


  1. You said this so well: "I am constantly struggling to find my way from who I once was, who I have recently been, and who I really am to who I want to be." I can relate!

  2. I can relate to those words too. I love the suitcase it up and see what is inside :)

    (Next year, I hope to work through another book: Something More by Sarah ban Breatnach.. have done a little of it and it helped me alot.
    very confronting though.)

  3. Treasures await you in that suitcase!

  4. What a good one! Hope you get to travel some soon...

  5. Oooh, I like what you came up with! And you used the metaphor so creatively and thoroughly. Bon voyage, Stefanie!

  6. I am so the opposite of you! And, I wish I had more of your spirit in me. I'm trying to develop it, but finding it hard.

    I hope your suitcase is appreciative of the love that's shortly coming its way!