Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Bad Ass Wild Woman

After writing Wednesday's post, I cruised on over to visit Blisschick's blog and had to laugh at the "coincidence" that she was interviewing someone about their inner Wild Woman. I hadn't ever named my impulsive intuition before, but as I was wishcasting Wednesday, she named herself: Bad Ass Wild Woman.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, I have the "Eccentricity Revolution for Wild Women" poster set as my wallpaper. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes to associate intuition with the Wild Woman. When I think of Wild Woman, I think of primal, animal instincts. Knowing without words. Knowing without having to think or analyze. Just knowing and acting on that knowledge.

But why Bad Ass? Because I need her to be. I need her to be a Bad Ass because, frankly, I don't listen to her very well. I need her to be willing to kick me in the ass when I'm being a pain in hers. I need for her to push me when I'm too afraid to jump. She's a Bad Ass because I am not. I rationalize and make excuses and over-analyze everything. I carefully weigh every possible repercussion of every possible decision. She just does it because she knows the eventual outcome will be the one possibility I overlooked. She knows that if I just listen to her, no matter what the outcome, we will be able to handle it together.

My Bad Ass Wild Woman is needing some love because I have shut her out for far too long. I'm gonna go spend some time with her doing something wildly impulsive. How do you spend time with your BAWW? How do you honor her?

Peace and Goodness to you.

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  1. How do I? I pamper myself in many ways. Pedicures, shopping, chocolate, hot bubble bath soaks, wine, etc. :)

    In fact, I just pampered myself last night. :P