Friday, November 20, 2009

Monday on my Mind - Through a Grandmother's Eyes

Whew! As we get back in the groove after our trip to the Northwest, I am so thankful that my Angelgirl has so many people who love her. She could do no wrong in the eyes of her grandmother and great grandmother this past week, and she literally glowed from all of their love. Watching Grandma Ole love on her grandbaby got me thinking about my own great-grandmother.

They broke the mold when they made Rubye Alice. We called her Ninnie, and she had two children, five grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren when she finally set off on her final adventure. She could drink and cuss like a sailor, but she loved gospel music and her Southern Baptist church. She had a glass eye and a small square hole in her chin that she swore she got when an Indian shot her with an arrow. She travelled from a small town in Texas to the far corners of the world, and she never backed down from a dare, even if it meant jumping off the high dive at the age of 75!

What I remember most about Ninnie, though, is her enormous capacity for love. She wall-papered her bedroom with newspaper clippings about her "babies" and every picture and letter those babies ever sent her. Layer upon layer of fingerpainting and crayon drawings covered those walls long after we had graduated from crayon. Anyone who ever visited Nin's house had to tour her gallery. They would also have to hear about her six great-granddaughters. It got to be a family joke. Anywhere she went, she would tell anyone who would listen, "I got six great-granddaughters, and they are the most beautiful great-granddaughters God ever gave anyone." She took the six of us to the movies once, and when we were in the bathroom, yes the bathroom, we could hear her telling every lady who walked in that she had brought her six great-granddaughters to the movies, and that we were the most beautiful great-granddaughters God ever gave anyone. When you're thirteen, you can be embarassed by that kind of love. Decades later, you crave it.

That kind of love is a special gift. Watching Angelgirl's grandmothers watch her, I remembered how my grandmother watched me. Through our grandmothers' eyes, we are perfect in our imperfections. We are beautiful and talented and unique. We aren't awkward or insecure or just an all out mess. We are divine and precious and loved.

So today I am going to try to see myself through my grandmother's eyes. I can't think of a better way to start the week.

Today, take a moment to look in the mirror through your grandmother's eyes. What do you see?

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